Bibliotheca Diotima is the name that Dana Fabini established for the entirety of her artistic work.

Under Methods and Topics you find short examples of her texts and images, her contributions to cultural events and creative projects as well as references about the artist, mostly in original language.








editions for children

sound and poetry

lectures and writings

 short films and videos



Some topics appear in various methods.

waiting room: loneliness (2017)letter from diotima (2016) #100Dada (2016)„in the beginning was the Word“ (2015)poesis.hier (2015)der Faden der Ariadne (2015)new sounds & old codes (2015)interfaces (2015)from self-portrait to selfie (2015)Logos 1011010 Bilder (2014)Sheherazade on the flying carpet (2014)wu wei (since 1993)inner windows to the world (2013)what is art / was ist Kunst / ce este arta (2011)Doamna de Culoare / die Farbige / Lady of Colour (2011)exercitia (2011)auf der Spuren von Leonardo da Vinci / Hommage (2011)artistic communication (2011)Bibliotheca Diotima (2010)the secret (2003-2010)Ich, Du und die Welt (2009-2011)theatrum mundi (since 2008)Kunst und Identität (2008)magic (2008)night of the black sea (2007-2011)pas de deux (since 2007)der Mensch im Labyrinth (2002-2006)I exist in no country (2005)AC:/DC projects at Ludwig Museum Köln (2005)abandoned gardens (1999-2005)refuge (since 2004)fake a dream (2003)artistic creativity / reception of visual arts (since 2002)nomad (since 2002) letter with dreams / Briefe mit Träumen (since 2000)flow / pax danubiana (2000-2004)cultural brick (2000-2001)scroll installation (1998)lumină, apă, culoare / haiku (1995-2001) ecce homo / flux reflux (1991-1994) abmocatac (1994)white black / stare fără titlu (1987-1994) Schir ha-Schirim (1994)vama veche (1983-1990)canon (1987) • despre apercepție / about apperception (1987)