abmocatac is a performative group action initiated by Andor Kömives in 1994, Cluj Napoca, Romania.
The title is the inverse form of the Romanian word "catacomba", it has no meaning in itself but it sounds like a combination of amok and attack. The artists of our group (6 men and 2 women) entered in an destroyed building occupied by homeless people.
Each artist on their own responsibility chose a place for their own performance there.
The performances took place independently, simultaneously. There was no public, no publicity and no policy.

I chose "the kitchen". I used there my canon images in small format as cooking recipes and fire-paper. The air was pestilential. There was no sanitation, electricity or gas. Some people who lived in the building came to me and looked at me. I explained to them who I am and what I was doing there. They asked me for help.


In the first years after the 1989 revolution, the society in Romania was fragmented in paradoxal forms: nationalism and social hatred between generations, between intellectuals and workers, monarchy-cult and prolet-cult exploded. There was also a surge of freedom and a surge of religion, as both were forbidden during the dictatorship. All "catacombs", all suppressed human emotions, ideologies and "human underground channels" surfaced.