Bibliotheca Diotima

art book, edition by the artist, digital print and handwriting, 2010
the art book contains short stories about the initiating of the concept Bibliotheca Diotima and about real and fictional libraries

book excerpt: Bibliotheca Engialdina 3.Teil (German version of this book excerpt published also in Literaturmagazin Wortschau 27 / 2016: Diese Landschaft aus Träumen Turbulenzen, eds.: Johanna Hansen, Wolfgang Allinger, ISBN: 978-3-944286-15-0)


Diotima in Plato's Dialogues: "the creative soul creates (...) conceptions of wisdom and virtue, such as poets and other creators have invented. (...) in the contemplation of that supreme being of love he will be purified of earthly leaven, and will behold beauty, not with the bodily eye, but with the eye of the mind"
(excerpts from Symposium by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett, the Project Gutenberg EBook)