Letters with Dreams / Briefe mit Träumen / Scrisori cu vise

work in progress - handwriting, graphics - since 2000

(photo from the studio, 2003)

Excerpt from the artist's lecture Kunst und Identität, Erfahrungen einer rumänischen Künstlerin (Art and Identity. Experience of a Romanian artist), Künstlerforum Bonn, on 28 April 2008, original in German:

The loss of identity implied by the loss of a well-known context is a problem faced by most migrants. They can neither integrate in a new context nor return to the context they have left. They live isolated within their families or in ethnic enclaves. In the first years of immigration, most of them keep writing letters or phoning home. Home is the place where they were born, not the place they live in. They have a permanent nostalgia for going back home.

When I came to Cologne, I learned the German language by writing letters to myself. I would write about the dreams I had, about the people I met, about my pilgrimages through the world; it was a kind of diary for practicing a foreign language. I wrote in Romanian and translated into German. Sometimes I painted over the written pages and then processed the sketches on the computer in projects for future images. This way I learned to live on my own.

I am not mixing up the clues from various contexts, and I am still not depending on recognition from the exterior. Home is the reality, is the place where I am.