sound and poetry

magic (text 2008); here ein fragment from the concert New sounds & old codes: poetry, voice and images: Dana Fabini; music: Nicolas Simion, Markus Vögeler; Ensemblia Festival Mönchengladbach, 2015; courtesy of Nicolas Simion

sound and poetry performance by Nicolas Simion and Dana Fabini; 2nd International Ceramics Biennial Cluj, 2015; videostill by Dan Alban

letter from diotima, jam session by Dana Fabini and Nicolas Simion, 2016;  fragment recording by Ieronim Pogorilovschi; copyright Dana Fabini & Nicolas Simion

"write with your other hand
so nobody will ever find you
solitude is the only way to survival.
to Survival." (English translation)

letter from diotima, audio installation by Dana Fabini; exhibition Dialog in Agora, Cazino - Cluj Napoca, 2016;  photo by István Feleki